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Ruarri Joseph plays Princess Pavilion

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Local singer/songwriter Ruarri Joseph launches his new album Shoulder to the Wheel with a live performance at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth on June 11th. This guy has been round the mill a bit with since his last album but is back with some excellent uplifting funky folky songs. Sneak a preview on Ruarri's MySpace page.

One not to miss!

Posted on May 13, 2010 at 08:15:38.

Classic Albums of 80's Synthpop

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The 80's were great! Of course they were - I was a kid. But it seems to be only now I am starting to realise how great the 80's really were. At least musically speaking…

Many noughties Band's are re-inventing themselves with strong 80's undertones and the synthpop revival is paving the way this year. We will even see the return of one of the forefathers of 80's synthpop - check Depeche Mode's new album Sounds of the Universe out on 20th April.

Why not take a little trip down memory lane or discover some of the masters of synth for the first time. Hearing Nik Kershaw's Human Racing and Erasure's The Innocents brings back nostalgia of hours spent wired to my C64 collecting droplets with my Catellite. My personal attraction to Depeche Mode's Somebody, the Human League's Darkness and The The's epic GIANT no doubt paved my unwitting demise into Gothic Rock by the end of the decade.

A collection of classic 80's synthpop album covers

Here are nine albums that bridge the 80's maelstrom and would be strong contenders for any 80's anthology.

Top Albums of the 1980's Synthpop movement

Posted on Feb 26, 2009 at 10:07:15.

Ruarri Joseph Album Coming Soon!

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Not long to go now to the release of Ruarri Joseph's new album Both Sides of the Coin. I only recently stumbled across this seriously talented Cornish folk/rock singer/songwriter and didn't think twice about grabbing hold of his original album Tales of Grime and Grit after watching the hilarious video for Blankets. If you have not heard the name Ruarri Joseph before then check out his MySpace page to hear some of the songs from the forthcoming album - which incidentally was composed in his shed in Newquay!

After discovering the major record label was not for him, Ruarri will be releasing this album under his own record label Pip. So support this home grown talent by picking up the new album when it is released on 9th March.

And come on Eden Project! Get this local lad on the line up for this summer's Eden Sessions.

Posted on Feb 19, 2009 at 10:00:19.

My Final Top 50 Albums

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Here is the final instalment of 50 albums that are always on my iPod. I wouldn't claim that these are in my humble opinion the greatest 50 albums ever composed since many of them simply appeal to my own personal tastes. Plus a few obvious albums of note from the likes of Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon), Dylan (Blonde on Blonde), Led Zeppelin (IV) and some of the Jazz masters (Coltrane and Mingus in particular) have slipped through unnoticed simply because I have listened to them so much over the years they have become overplayed for my ears.

I should also mention a handful of soundtrack albums and classical albums also have permanent residence on my iPod but I decided these fall into their own category. Another chart, another day perhaps…

Hope you find something new and interesting in this list. Discovering new music from the past is an inspiration!

Posted on Oct 15, 2008 at 09:53:52.

Top 50 Albums Part 3

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The list continues…

My passion for Progressive and Art Rock is probably starting to shine through in this collection of 20 albums. While a few classic Indie albums and a bit of American country and folk make an appearance. Quite a few of these albums can be snatched up on Amazon for next to nothing so if you haven't heard them before, take my word for it and take the plunge!

Posted on Oct 11, 2008 at 14:04:44.

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