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Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome on OS X

Also relates to Accessibility

Back in July I was getting quite excited about the endless possibilities that VMWare provides. Aside from spending endless hours dabbling with different Linux flavours I have also tried to make some productive use of VMWare Fusion on Mac for cross-browser testing. The Unity mode really simplifies functionality testing across a range of browsers all at once.

In the grab below I am test-driving a TinyMCE implementation on Safari 3, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome. The latter two of course being Windows specific yet they are running quite happily on my OS X desktop.

Screen grab showing Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Safari 3 and Firefox 3

Of course, a key ingredient for virtualisation is reams of memory (RAM) and screen real-estate. These four browsers are running well side by side without too much of a performance hit and my productivity rate for cross-browser testing has just increased with the minutes I save switching platforms.

Posted on Oct 11, 2008 at 13:05:54.

Plastic Fantastic KDE

Also relates to X11

Last week I finally installed Tiger and at the same time set up a dedicated partition for Fink to simplify future upgrades in the absence of extensive backup media. The disadvantage of this decision was that I could no longer use the default /sw directory for Fink package management - well by mounting the directory onto the partition I probably could (a course of action I choose for the OS X Users directory on a third partition) but I also wanted to store other open source material in the partition so the /sw directory would not be at the root level. This did not present any major problems other than the fact I would be restricted to only building source from the Fink tree. Just calls for a little patience - and the occassional piece of detective work!

Unfortunately progress was slow when I initially choose to build QCad being half way through a scale drawing of my soon to materialise new home - probably one of the few programs acknowledged to be incompatible with Tiger's GCC version 4. Still following a trip to a colleague's broadband fitted office I had the source for bundle-gnome and bundle-kde waiting to go. The plan was to leave them alone for a while and try and settle on a comfortable working environment in Tiger, but finally having the mammoth tetex source files that would allow me to build the monopd server was just too tempting. Of course I didn't consider at the time this would also mean building the entire KDE-games package which in turn would mean building the KDE-base package.

So around about 6 hours later (not bad for my lowly iBook!) I had the core KDE 3.4 ready to go as a full-screen replacement for Apple's rootless quartz window manager. At first I disregarded this as I had not found the binary KDE 3.1 build that inspiring on Panther, and had generally stuck with Gnome or WindowMaker if I wanted to use a full screen window manager for X11. But the Plastik theme and the countless number of improvements over 3.1 are simply delectable! Performance is excellent on Tiger and other than the erratic sound behaviour and current absence of several office applications I can see this becoming a regular set up. Most noticeable, and pleasing, is the vast improvement in the CSS and script support of the Konqueror browser which now, among other odds and ends, handles my CSS negative margins experiment from last year perfectly.

Ok, its not quite pure Linux (yet) but this laptop never ceases to amaze me!

Posted on Jul 19, 2005 at 02:26:12.

Amaya Goes OSX Native

Also relates to Web Standards

Yes, the Amaya team at the W3C just released the first native version of Amaya Web Browser for OS X last week. As well as a smooth aqua facade, all the build tools for XML development (especially XHTML, MathML and CSS) have been congregated into a readily available tool box. A little rusty around the edges but some great improvements and Amaya is rapidly evolving into an excellent authoring tool.

Here is a screenshot of the main Amaya window and supporting annotations window: Screen shot of Amaya web browser and the annotations window

Posted on Jul 19, 2005 at 01:34:49.

Firefox 1.0 Is Here

Also relates to Firefox and Co

I have woken up on a typically bitter November morning to the news everyone has been in anticipation of… Yes, finally the official release of Firefox 1.0 has arrived. This I hope will make November 9th 2004 a historical turning point in the future development of the web.

Firefox has been making gradual indents into Exploder's dominance of the web over the last few months. Closer to home, my logs saw Firefox creep into the lead over Exploder 6 for the very first time in October: Browse stats showing IE 6 with 39% and Firefox with 39.3% of share of visits to this website in October.

More than likely the Firefox website may still be down at the moment, so if you are keen to grab a copy jump over to the FTP folder instead - no apparant bottlenecks there. Pheonix Oceano really does feel like a distant memory now…

Posted on Nov 09, 2004 at 12:40:34. [Comments for Firefox 1.0 Is Here- 0]


Also relates to Firefox and Co and Exploder

I have decided to re-classify some of the categories here on my weblog. Its that unfortunate tendency to have an ordered world around me seeping into my virtual world too! I have started by splitting up Browsers into separate categories for Firefox and Co. and Exploder. I feel it is an injustice to be blogging about the legacy browsers (and that includes IE6 in my oppinion now) in the same space as the standards based browsers. Since my convolutions on Opera and other browers are fairly irregular these remain in the Browsers category.

Shouldn't break any links, I hope, and if it does you should just land at the index page for that category. Right what is next…

Posted on Nov 08, 2004 at 20:53:56. [Comments for Reclassification- 0]

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