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Tidal Bore Surfing on Batang Lupar Benak

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Check out the full set of photos from Antony's historic surf on the Batang Lupar Benak in Sarawak earlier this month. The slideshow paints a wonderful picture of the welcoming and warm hearted town of Sri Aman along with the festivities surrounding the arrival of the Lupar Benak - the largest tidal bore in Sarawak.

A summary of the trip and a few photos of the waves and the town are available here.

Posted on Oct 28, 2009 at 15:59:27.

Video footage of Yep's historic Benak surf

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Here is the video footage of Yep's historic first surf on the Batang Lupar Benak on 16th October 2009.

It surprises me how long it has taken for someone to finally pioneer the largest tidal bore of Sarawak province on Borneo. The Benak was high up on our (being Wizard King and myself) agenda when we mapped out a tour to surf all the great tidal bores of the world back in 2000. At the time sponsorship and interest wasn't forthcoming and as the years rolled by plans changed, people moved and we settled on the Mearim river as our culmination of global bore surfing in 2005. At least for the time being! That in itself a trip we shared with Yep, his brother Fabrice and the stylish silver surfer of the French Mascaret, Bruno Boue.

It was a shame none of us could find the freedom to share Antony's current expedition due to family and work commitments. But I am stoked to learn it is one of the global bore surfing pioneers that has taken the initiative before the Batang Lupar is swept up by the Surf Industry as nearly befell the Silver Dragon.

Posted on Oct 17, 2009 at 16:22:41.

Yep Surfs the Batang Lupar Benak

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Another of our bore riding compadres, Antony Yep Colas, has grabbed a bit of tidal bore surfing history by becoming the first person to surf the Batang Lupar Tidal Bore (locally known as the Benak) on a surfboard. He surfed the bore in the crocodile infested Sarawak river yesterday after much planning and reconnaissance.

Read the full story of Antony's Tidal Bore adventure on the Benak Lupar.

Posted on Oct 17, 2009 at 13:51:36.

Surfing China 2009 Video Shorts

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Here is a sequence of video shorts from the Surfing China 2009 Expo and the inaugural Silver Dragon Surf Championship on the Qiantang in Hangzhou, China. While the focus is on the American big wave duo of Jamie Sterling and Rusty Long, check out some quality styling from the Pororoca pros Serginho Laus and Marcos Sifu.

  1. China 2009. Episode 1
  2. China 2009. Episode 2
  3. China 2009. Final Episode

Posted on Oct 11, 2009 at 19:49:29.

Surfing China 2009 Silver Dragon Championship News

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The Inaugural Surf China 2009 Silver Dragon Championship took place earlier this week as part of the Surf China Expo running from 5th to 7th October. The event gave Pororoca pioneer and distance surfing world record holder Serginho Laus a chance to exhibit the incredible skills he has honed surfing the majestic tidal bore of the Araguari river deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

News of the event is yet to filter out but reports in from Serginho give the considerably windswept wave as reaching 7 feet in height with a couple of perfect offshore overhead sections. The event has been the culmination of a movement by the surf industry into China to capitalise on the potential of the Qiantang Tidal Bore - the largest recorded bore in history. But the lack of experience of the American team showed when they had to call on the expertise of Serginho and his fellow Brazilian compatriot, Marcos Sifu, to guide them in the treacherous waters. The Brazilians then went on to dominate an exhibition competitive event on the wave out-maneouvering and out-styling the American professionals (Jamie Sterling and Rusty Long) with their bag of tidal bore surfing tricks, much to the adulation of the throng of spectators.

Serginho has been an exemplary emissary for tidal bore devotees around the globe for the past decade promoting the majesty and beauty of these great natural river waves while respecting the spiritual importance each places on their local community. It is a relief to see the corporate surfing industry reigned in a little by the experience and knowledge of a professional tidal bore surfer.

Speaking to the largest local Sports magazine in Hangzhou after the event Serginho outlined his goal to establish a global gathering of tidal bore surfers in China from the international Bore Riders Club community spanning England, France, Alaska and Brazil. A seed we first planted back when we met at the inaugural Bore Riders expedition on the Mearim river in Brazil in 2005.

Check out a few photos of the Silver Dragon Surfing Championship here. Guess who are doing the big manouveres! Also some video footage from team America surfing the Qiantang dragon with some great clips of Sifu using up his bag of tricks towards the end.

Posted on Oct 11, 2009 at 10:29:14.

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