Imagine Surfing a Tidal Bore for 20km

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Imagine surfing a tidal bore for 20km!

That is 12.5 miles for all us metric folk. And for all those west bank Severn surfers past and present that is like jumping into your car at Newnham, driving the A48 all the way to Over bridge and not stopping until you reach the curry houses on Bristol road…! That is a long way. Some pundits believe on the perfect tide the Severn horseshoe bend could be connected producing a ride in excess of 10 miles on the River Severn. But anything further than this really becomes the stuff of legends.

On the Araguari Pororoca it is a very different story… In fact this Spring, Sergio Laus, Pororoca pioneer and tidal bore emissary, has already breached the 10 mile mark. Unofficially. It has been an exceptional season for tidal bore surfers in Brazil with the wave reaching 15 feet in the wet months (February and March) and consistently reaching 8 feet through the drier months. Ideal conditions for distance surfing and Sergio clocked up a ride of approximately 16.5 km (10.3 miles) surfing for over 40 minutes. Just this Monday, Sergio put in a claim for a new distance surfing world record of 11.8km, exceeding his previous mark by 1.7km.

The dream mark is 20km - about 50 minutes constant surfing on the wave. That is 50 minutes on a wave travelling at around 15mph with the full power of the Atlantic tide behind. No mean feat! Sergio believes it is possible and 2010 might be the year…

An average day in Amapa state surfing the Pororoca!

Sergio Laus - the master of the Pororoca tidal bore

Photos © 2009 Copyright Sergio Laus

Posted on Thursday, Jun 11, 2009 at 20:24:50.

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