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VMWare Saves the Day

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Great - a solution to my virtual machine dilemma has materialised in the form of VMWare Player a nifty virtual machine that allows secure running of complete operating systems on the host platform. There are plenty of pre-built appliances available from the VMWare site of which I was relieved to discover a KDE desktop preconfigured with WINE and legacy Internet Exploder versions. In fact this method has one up on the side-by-side running in Windows XP in that session management works across all versions! This is a huge saving grace for testing presentation rendering inside an authentication only area of the site.

In fact my journey into virtual machines has led to several discoveries and now I have a full featured version of Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04) running along side the Vista desktop full screen on a second display. So feeling slightly more satisfied with my Vista and Acer now :)

Posted on May 30, 2008 at 15:22:18.

OS X Come Back to Me!

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Well haven't really had much time to delve into my newly acquired Vista platform but today with some urgent testing required for a completion the time had come.

Ok I was prepared for the multitude of software bloat I might find on the Acer 5920 when it arrived and actually it wasn't too bad! Just a case of removing a few irrelevant games, some dodgy looking attempt at DVD authoring software and finally making the decision to replace NIS with BitDefender. Actually this was only after, having installed and updated NIS, I discovered when I awoke Aristotle (yes all my platforms are philsophers!) this afternoon that my 3 month subscription to NIS had expired in 1 day!? All looked a bit time consuming having to deal with support and no way I was restoring this puppy so off it went. Fortunately an uninstall process that was far less painful than I recall encountering with my old Win98 box many years ago - thanks of course to RegSupreme.

Great so I have a secure system, I have removed the unwanted software and killed the odd unwelcome service. Nice sleek, clean Vista platform ready to begin software install for development. No time to deal with all the usual software tools initially as I had to crack straight on with testing. Joining the wireless network was not an issue - although file sharing was (for another post perhaps!). And soon I had the sandbox up for testing in IE7 on Vista. Great! Now time to download the Virtual PC so I can get on with legacy testing….. Arrrrrggggghhhh……! Virtual PC doesn't support Windows Vista Home PREMIUM. But I thought Premium means all the bells and whistles. Well according to MicroDollar it clearly doesn't! In fact it only seems to be a few more quid than Windows Vista Basic!? So what is the actual point of all these different versions. It seems to me I have wound up with Windows Media version and am looking at another hundred quid to get it updated to a version that will allow me to do all those lovely developer like things I like to do with all my philosophers. Nice one MicroDollar!

I thought it would save me time and money getting a laptop with Vista to do M$ testing rather than going down upgrading route on Socrates - my iMac box running Tiger at present. But now I guess not. Painful…

To be continued I am sure…

Posted on May 01, 2008 at 16:24:26.

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