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Huge congratulations to our bore surfing buddy Sergio Laus who broke the official Guiness world record for distance surfing on Friday with a ride of 10.1km on the Araguari Pororoca in Amapa state. Sergio announced his goal to set a new record when we visited him in Brazil back in March and it has taken considerable cost and organisation to arrange a trip to the remote Araguari with an official adjudicator. So I am stoked Sergio succeeded on a falling Solstice tide. It is also the first time the record has been torn away from the Severn since its official inauguration back in the 1970s and Sergio extended Dave Lawson's nine year old record by another kilometre.

With some big tides building for this autumn and next spring there should be plenty of opportunity to challenge Sergio's distance in both the upper and lower reaches of the Severn. It is great to have a new inter-atlantic rivalry in distance surfing.

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 28, 2005 at 14:25:37.

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