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I had an urgency earlier today to produce a script to extract details from the body of a number of emails and put the information into an Access database. For any seasoned VB programmer this would seem like a trivial task I am sure, but having become quite accustomed to using the PCRE library to manipulate and extract text, the thought of becoming embroiled in text searching subroutines using VBA's InStr and Mid functions quickly had me concocting alternatives. If only I could get the body of the emails into some PHP arrays and use the well-seasoned preg family to get the information I needed. Time to call on the Windows COM extension once again.

In fact, getting to an email item is considerably less cumbersome than working with Excel via PHP COM. The messages were stored in a subfolder of the Inbox called Enquiries.

$outlook = new COM("Outlook.Application") or die('….');
$ns = $outlook->GetNamespace("MAPI");
$inbox = $ns->GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox);
$subfolders = $inbox->Folders;
while ($folder = $subfolders->getNext()) {
   if ($folder->Name == "Enquiries") {

So now $folder references the subfolder Enquiries and I just needed to cycle through each mail item in this folder to grab the body.

$mail = $folder->Items;
while ($item = $mail->getNext()) {  
  $temp = array();
  $temp['body'] = $item->Body;  
  $temp['date'] = date('d/m/y', $item->ReceivedTime);
  $enquiries[] = $temp;

While I was about it, I also grabbed the date each message was received. Conveniently the PHP COM returns this property as a Unix(!) timestamp so it can be fed straight into date() to get the required output.

A few regular expressions later and the data was transformed into an SQL string ready to feed into MS Access. Sticking with the Windows theme, the inbuilt ODBC functions seemed the best bet for this, once Null values had been handled and a System DSN established.

I am in no way promoting this as a method to go about transfering Outlook data to Access. It just demonstrated the flexibility PHP can offer. I needed to do some heavy duty work on the body text to create the field/values I needed and since PHP is the language I use on a daily basis, I found it less time consuming to build this bridge than to dust off and start trawling through old VBA references.

This is one of many areas where Thunderbird shines for me - emails stored in text format ready to be grep'ed.

Posted on Friday, Nov 19, 2004 at 03:37:36.

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