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I have woken up on a typically bitter November morning to the news everyone has been in anticipation of… Yes, finally the official release of Firefox 1.0 has arrived. This I hope will make November 9th 2004 a historical turning point in the future development of the web.

Firefox has been making gradual indents into Exploder's dominance of the web over the last few months. Closer to home, my logs saw Firefox creep into the lead over Exploder 6 for the very first time in October: Browse stats showing IE 6 with 39% and Firefox with 39.3% of share of visits to this website in October.

More than likely the Firefox website may still be down at the moment, so if you are keen to grab a copy jump over to the FTP folder instead - no apparant bottlenecks there. Pheonix Oceano really does feel like a distant memory now…

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 09, 2004 at 12:40:34.

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