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Search Engine Roundup

Relates to SEO

The Search Engine industry has been buzzing with activity the last couple of weeks. Tuesday 14th saw the launch of the A9.com engine from Amazon. It has come a long way from the beta version I tested back in April. John Batelle discusses the multipanel interface and click stream (or search history) tracking in detail. On the negative side CNet illustrates the challenge of retrieving images straight from the Google engine.

Also focusing on a personalised search interface is the beta release this Tuesday of MyJeeves from ask.com. MyJeeves also archives search history while providing flexibility to categorize results into separate folders - excellent for research purposes.

Meanwhile, LookSmart announced yesterday that it has acquired Furl.net - the archiving tool for text equivalents of web page content, which provides a great repository for future search and retrieval.

While recent Google hype has revolved around the GBrowser rumours, the potential for exploitation of Google SERP's has been further illustrated by results cloaking with 302 redirects.

Currently, most of my experience with the Search Engines is for SEO, but I have found myself using Vivisimo Clustering more and more for reasearch. As well as providing meta-search for Lycos, MSN, DMOZ and other engines, the logical groupings of clustered results saves considerable time.

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Relates to Browsers and Firefox and Co

I now have a Social Bookmarks page on del.icio.us. As well as sharing resources, the incentive for moving my collection of bookmarks to an online repository was this excellent little tip from Simon Willison for integrating del.icio.us with Live Bookmarks, plus the additional space that is freed up on my Personal Toolbar.

The del.icio.us extension for Firefox has just been updated for the Preview Release, but currently the link seems to be broken, so I have settled for using nutr.itio.us for the time being.

The updated extension is available now and adds additional functionality to this great tool.

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Using Firefox Yet?

Relates to Firefox and Co

If you are not using Firefox yet, why not? The Version 1 Preview Release has arrived and the Spread Firefox campaign is well underway with over half a million downloads in the first 2 days.

Live feeds and a new interface for fast find on the status bar make this release better than ever. So why on earth would anyone want to use an archaic and highly insecure legacy browser by the name of Exploder anymore?

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Surfing with the Beeb

Relates to Surfing

Just completed the first set of building Autumn tides on the Severn Bore. Although we are currently on the downturn of most significant lunar cycles for the equilibrium tides, the sporadic rains through August produced a reasonable level of fresh water and reopened some major channels. This provided plenty of mileage on waves from 2 to 4'.

An unusual addition to our troop of muddy river riders was a collective BBC film crew capturing the experience of bore surfing with our local river guru, Steve. The outcome of the filming will be in BBC Midlands Inside Out on 11th October. There may even be a cut of me driving Steve's boat!

The programme will now be shown as part of the final episode of the current Inside Out series on Monday 25th October. A number of other regional channels have shown interest in the segment so it may broadcast nationally.

The programme has now been postponed until January 2005 due to more pressing current affairs! Hope it will be worth the wait…

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