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Just got around to updating my Opera browser to version 7.11 the other day, and only just discovered some nice additional features.

  • Two additional buttons have been added to the standard Hotlist, (sidebar). The first is Information giving quick access to useful page information - good for development. And the second is Notes. An option I am sure I will use when I am doing research as a repository for weblinks and information. Normally I cut and paste copy into a WordPad file, but now any text content or URL can be copied straight into Notes using the context menu (right mouse button).
  • The pop-up note on an element marked up with title attribute now specifies the content is the title. This is quite handy on anchors, where both the title and the URL are now given in the pop-up. I do like to see the where I am going before following a link.

Opera has been my browser of choice for the last couple of years, although recently I have found myself working more with Mozilla and the DOM inspector tool. However, Opera still continues to offer some excellent instant tools for testing the accessibility of a site, such as the additional stylesheets, one click disabling of images, javascript, plugins and the like and window size testing. I have also always found Opera the best performance browser for research, when I am using multiple windows and rapidly jumping from page to page. The additional Notes tab just reinforces my sentiment towards this.

If you don't use Opera or have never tried it, why not download the software and give it a go. The only thing as a developer now is I have to remember to keep checking my sites on the rusty IE, before getting too carried away with the stylesheet capabilities offered in Opera and Mozilla. Hope the next MS operating system hosts a more compliant browser!?

Posted on Monday, Jul 14, 2003 at 19:34:09.

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